Bleach is the generic name given to a chemical that can remove color from cloths and fabrics. Bleach also refers to a diluted solution of sodium hypochlorite, also known as "liquid bleach". Bleaches are mainly used for sterilizing and disinfecting as they contain bactericidal properties.  

Uses for Bleach

Cleaning Garden Tools

When cutting and clipping plants, various diseases and pests could be spread among them. Bleach is a good cleaning agent to use to rid your tools of those pests and diseases. 

Kill algae and moss

Bleach can be used remove slippery algae and moss from your walkways as well as bricks. When doing this though, you should take caution not to get the bleach on any of your grass or decorative plants.

You can increase the longevity of your flower cuttings

By adding a 1/4 teaspoon of bleach to your vase your flowers will stay fresher for longer. 

Disinfect your trash can

Bleach van be used to disinfect your trash can and get rid of the smells. 

Use bleach as a household disinfectant spray

Mix a tablespoon of bleach with 3.7 liters of hot water in a clean spray bottle. 

Shine your porcelain

Bleach can be used to shine your pottery or white porcelain sinks. Although coored porcelain is not able to withstand bleach. 

Brighten up your glassware

You can make your glassware shine by adding only a teaspoon of bleach to your dishwater. But be very sure to rinse properly and completely. 

Clean your counters and cutting boar

You can scrub your countertops and cutting boards by scrubbing in small circles with diluted bleach but do not saturate the wood. 

Sterilize secondhand items

You can use bleach to sterilize any second-hand items you may acquire.

Get rid of mildew and mold

You can wash mildew off fabrics, tiles, unpainted and painted surfaces with diluted bleach. 

The history of Bleach

One of the earliest forms of bleaching involves spreading cloth out on a bleachfield to be whitened by sun and water. Lye and lactic acid from sour milk was used in Western Europe in the 17th century and could last for up to 6 months. Bleaches that were chlorine-based were invented in the 18th century which shortened the bleaching process from months to hours. Chlorine was discovered by a swedish chemist in 1774, and in 1785 it was discovered that it could be used in bleach by a French scientist. 

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