Mechanical Cleaning & Surface Preperation

Mechanical surface preparation uses handheld power tools (brushing, scraping, abrading).

This form of surface preparation is used when abrasive blasting or the use of water is not an option due to the configuration of the location and environmental constraints.

Mechanical surface preparation consists in properly preparing the surfaces of various metal parts before subjecting them to treatments such as painting, electroplating, thermoplastic, etc. The most commonly chosen technique for mechanical surface preparation is pneumatic blasting, which allows for the highest level of cleanliness. and a well-defined degree of workpiece surface roughness to be achieved.

The main objective of the treatment is to remove impurities such as rust, scale, old paint residues, etc. An equivalent objective is to give the material of the part a suitable structure to allow it to adhere perfectly to the protective coating, thus increasing the protective power against corrosion to enhance.

Equipment Range 

Grit Blasting

We Stock Various Forms Of Blasting Media:


A Full Range Of Deburring Equipment, Media And Detergents Are Available.

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We Offer A Large Range Of Floor Care Equipment. Including Walk Behind And Ride On Scrubbers/Sweepers, Vacuum Cleaners And Attachments. Lets Us Service Your Old Equipment

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