What does HAZMAT include?

HAZMAT includes substances such as toxic chemicals, fuels, nuclear waste products, and biological products, Chemicals and radiological agents. HAZMAT can be released as liquids, solids, gases, or a combination or form of all three, including dust, fume, gas, vapor, mist, and haze.

All Levels of Application- Membership has access to HAZMAT services. IER will dispatch
accredited professional HAZMAT experts to your location just by pressing the emergency button on your cell phone.

How often would I need this service?

Hopefully not very often. While it's unlikely you'll need to dispatch a HAZMAT team in an emergency, many products containing hazardous chemicals are routinely used and stored in homes and transported every day on the nation's roads, railroads, canals, and pipelines, which is why It is
beneficial to have HAZMAT service available to you in an emergency.

HAZMAT spills have caused and have caused health problems, injuries and even death to people and animals done damaged buildings, homes, real estate and the environment.


Hazardous materials training is generally conducted by Personnel responsible for preparation and shipment, including supervisors, personnel responsible for classifying hazardous products or raw materials, and personnel who pack, handle, store, mark, or label hazardous materials.

Hazmat truck drivers and management personnel who require a basic understanding of hazardous materials also receive extensive
training before being allowed to provide HAZMAT service.

We assist our clients with:

• Preparation and setting up of compliance regulations
• Training clients’ on all aspects of hazardous materials and spills. Training is customized to suit the clients’ specific needs.
• CCI does a full survey of our clients’ site and develops an emergency response plan.
• At CCI we understand that every clients’ needs may differ. Our Hazmat services range from full response teams to individual support services.
• Our range of biological products contain the latest strains of oil eating enzymes and bugs.
• We carry a large range of oil, chemical and mixed spill kits to cater for any eventuality.

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