Cape Chemical Industries

Cape Chemical Industries (CCI) was founded in 1985 by Paul and Trudie Martin. The initial intent was to manufacture and supply a range of general, ‘every day’ use chemicals to the industrial sector in Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas. CCI achieved their first goal in a relatively short time period and soon started to receive interest from clients all over the Eastern Cape.

We ardently believe in the importance to keep up with international standards and technology and soon started to manufacture more specialized products. CCI currently supplies over 100 different products ranging from specialized metal treatment and corrosion protection products to general cleaning and janitorial chemicals. In other words, CCI is truly a one stop shop for all chemical requirements.

Over 90% of our range is manufactured in-house in Port Elizabeth. Utilizing international technology, CCI manufactures and supplies revolutionary micro bacterial chemical products which utilize microbes and bacteria to achieve results - previously only obtainable by using harsh and environmentally unfriendly chemicals. We are very proud of our environmentally friendly Blue Swallow range.

The founders and owners of CCI are passionate about wildlife and the environment and are dedicated to the preservation and conservation thereof. This has lead CCI to become intimately involved with our clients and their environmental policy planning. We have assisted our clients with the ISO 14001 environmental standards, provide training courses for oil and chemical spill clean ups and have become involved in effluent control operations.

CCI provides a 24 hour oil and chemical spill clean-up service for the Eastern cape. We stock a full range of absorbents for oil, acid and chemicals and a range of pollution control equipment.

CCI’s 32 Years of chemical experience, combined with 27 years of technical and engineering expertise, results in a pool of knowledge unrivalled in the Eastern Cape.